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A laughing robot and the possibilities of AI | Letter

25 Sep 2022 By theguardian

A laughing robot and the possibilities of AI | Letter

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The human overseer, desperately trying to restore order, is startled (as were we) to hear one of the AI nurses break into a fit of the giggles, because the action has become so very funny. It appears that this robot has developed at least one human trait. Does she have any more? Sir Alan develops the theme: if she has a sense of humour, what other human traits, emotions even, does she have?

It is a very perceptive play, exploring the possibilities and possible difficulties, given that she is a mechanical construct. Perhaps a revival would be timely? That enchanting giggle was the merriest sound I have ever heard in a theatre, and belonged to Janie Dee.Yvonne WhalleySherburn in Elmet, North Yorkshire

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