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With an enormous land area comes great diversity, and Brazil provides stone-cold – or rather red-hot – proof. Spanning roughly 8.5 million km², its sun-drenched landscapes range from hectic cities to hip surfer towns, powdery white-sand beaches and wild rainforest. Rio de Janeiro is understandably the focus of most traveller itineraries. Wander the lively streets of Santa Teresa, watch the locals play football on Copacabana beach, ascend Sugarloaf Mountain to stand at the feet of Christ the Redeemer, and take in the stunning panoramic views. Later, head to the lively Lapa neighbourhood for a taste of the samba-fuelled nightlife, and dance the night away amidst the locals, affectionately known as ‘cariocas’. After the fast pace of Rio, you may want to recharge. Ilha Grande – a verdant island peppered with unspoiled beaches – is just a couple of hours away, while surfing havens like southerly Florianópolis and Itacaré to the north require a day’s worth of travel. With so many different environments in this huge country, there are all kinds of accommodation available, from luxury villas and beachside hotels, to funky hostels and jungle-immersed cabin lodges. Where you stay depends on the adventure you’re looking for.

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